About the Spring Tour


About the Spring Tour of Homes

The Spring Tour is the QQA’s oldest function. Since 1963, the tour has been staged for the purpose of fostering appreciation of historic buildings and neighborhoods and the need for their preservation. Although the basic purpose of the tour has remained much the same since 1963, the manner in which the tour is conducted has changed dramatically. From a casual afternoon open house, the tour has grown into a weekend-long extravaganza which includes both evening and afternoon tours and a variety of activities. The Spring Tour has proven to be one of the QQA’s most effective methods of changing negative perceptions about the Quapaw Quarter and for recruiting new residents to the area. Members of each year’s Spring Tour Core Committee work to ensure that the tour is used to the best possible advantage for improving the image of the Quapaw Quarter and historic preservation in Little Rock.

The Spring Tour….
• Has been held almost annually since 1963
• Builds pride and confidence in local historic neighborhoods
• Encourages continued investment • Educates residents and the public about the varied stories of Little Rock’s neighborhoods
• Produces printed educational materials
• Recruits new residents
• Brings over 1,000 people, including elected officials, to the area to see its value
• Attracts extensive media attention
• Is usually associated with MacArthur Park and the Governor’s Mansion Historic District, but has also been held in Capitol View, Hillcrest and the Centennial Addition

53rd Spring Tour of Homes

The 53rd Spring Tour of Homes was held Mother's Day weekend 2017. For more information on this most recent Spring Tour check out the Complete Insider's Guide.

52nd Spring Tour of Homes

The 52nd Spring Tour of Homes was held Mother's Day weekend 2016 in beautiful Historic Hillcrest. For more information on the 52nd Spring Tour of Homes check out the Complete Insider's Guide below.

50th Spring Tour Promotional Video, 2014