2019 Rebranding Efforts

General LogoIn 2018 the QQA board decided to restructure the organization’s branding with the goal of streamlining its web presence and clarifying its mission.

The organization was named the Quapaw Quarter Association in the late 1960s. The name was chosen because a 1818 treaty established the territory of the Quapaw Nation. The territorial line ran through what is now the MacArthur Park Historic District. This district was the original focus of the QQA’s mission, but there has never been a true “Quapaw Quarter.”

As the QQA’s mission expanded to include all of greater Little Rock’s historic places, the name “Quapaw Quarter Association” still implied a focus on one historic district. Over its 50 year history, the board of directors has tried to change the name to better reflect the organization’s larger mission. However, the name change was difficult for stakeholders because the QQA’s influence in greater Little Rock has been so well known.

In 2019, the Quapaw Quarter Association will change it’s working name to simply “The QQA.”  This harkens back to the organization’s history, but will also help clarify its mission by removing the reference to a single district.

With the help of CJRW, the QQA has reorganized and redesigned its website and optimized it for mobile users. The new site will make it easier for stakeholders to find the information they need about events, historic districts, and the QQA’s education efforts. CJRW also helped the QQA board and staff redesign the organization’s logo, branding processes, and e-newsletter The QQA Chronicle.